Done for you launch – Emily Hirsh
Launches can be one of the most stressful times in an entrepreneur's life.

There are so many little details, and if just one falls through the crack, you could lose thousands in sales. :: Cue sad trombone ::

But don’t fret. Hand all that stress and struggle over to the professionals.We got it.

My team can take your dream launch and make it a profit churning, impact creating, buzz-generating SUCCESS!

We’ll help you

strategize and implement it all using my proven systems and strategies that have
helped build multi-million dollar launches again and again.

Wanna see how we can do the same for you?

Is a 3-month totally customized experience so we can knock your launch out of the park!
If you’re looking for full support with your launch and all of the ad campaigns that are associated with it (videos, strategically promoted posts, webinars, lead magnets, challenges and re-targeted sales ads)...then you’re in the right place! With this package we do all that and so much more!

Our 3-month launch packages include projection analytics and is broken up into three phases.

We focus on connecting with your audience, building your list, creating all your materials and
laying the groundwork to best serve your overall strategy.
Goal: build your audience and warm leads.

During this phase, we promote webinars, challenges, and promotions that all lead up to your
Goal: engaging and preparing your warm leads for the sale!

Your cart opens! Here we nurture the audience and help them feel ready to buy and host
retargeted sales ads to hot leads!
Goal: Get as many leads to your sales page and prepare them to become customers!

Launch packages include:

Launch packages start at $7k and are completely
customized based on your needs.

Ready to have a stress-free, super successful launch?

Ingrid Arna

Founder of CEO Diva Business School

We have a very fast moving coaching and marketing business that has grown tremendously over the past six months. I needed to find someone who could support our rapid growth with professionalism and speed. Thankfully, we found Emily! She’s proactive, focused, strategic, fast, kind, clever and drama free! There are many ....

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Jenna Ward

Coach and Teacher at The Embodied Women

Emily had some really innovative ideas about audience generation which got better results than I could have ever managed myself. We have quickly gotten 20+ leads a day and are still scaling. Our conversation rates are better than I have ever seen before for our lead magnets...

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Angella Johnson

CEO and Soulpreneur at Angella Johnson

The day I hired Emily was one of the best hiring decisions I've made in my business. She gets things done in record time and is always willing to do what it takes to ensure the quality is there, all while being incredibly efficient. I've worked with a variety of virtual support in my business and when Emily says she knows how to do something, she...

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