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We’re more than just a random person tinkering with Facebook ads at home. We’re a fortified TEAM who eat, sleep, and breath funnels.

We’re here FOR you and to work WITH you, to take your message to the masses and make money doing it.

Spoiler alert: without a strong funnel, your Facebook ads aren’t going to get you very
far. Our team couples high level ad strategy with top notch tech skills and conversion
copywriting to create profitable funnels that connect with your audience and make
you money.

Funnel strategy starts at $3000.

Managing and growing your Facebook Ads is a BIG job and we’ve got the best team
around to do it. No longer do you need to try to figure out who to optimize your ads
and waste hours of your day creating new ad copy. We got you covered! (Don’t worry,
we’ll send you a weekly spreadsheet so you can see exactly how your ads are
performing while you’re sipping a Mai Thai in Fiji or building a school in Ghana.)

Facebook Ad Packages start at $2000/mo.

Looking for launch strategy and high level Facebook Ad Management to knock your
launch out of the park? We got your back.

Custom support for your launch includes 8 weeks of
high touch service for $7000.

Ready to Learn more?

Have questions? We have answers.

How much do cold leads cost?

It really depends on the industry but an average cost per cold lead is $2-$3. For webinars, it’s more like $5-8.

How long does it take to make money back in ads?

Results vary of course but within 3 months. We encourage clients to work with us for at least 90 days because that allows us to really test what works best for your audience, get the ads optimized and analyze your entire funnel in the process.

Are you sure you can help ME?

Yes! Facebook ads work for everyone IF you do them correctly.

We have worked successfully with people in all different industries and niches. Before you start with ads, Emily will create a very customized marketing plan with you that will appeal to your target audience and meet you where you’re at in your business right now.

We know many people have been burned by other ad strategists but we treat each of my client’s campaigns as if they were our own-- We’re here to help you succeed and will continue to tweak your ads until they’re hitting your our goals.

Tanya Conner-Green

Transformational Business Coach

Every single morning, I wake up EXCITED to check both my own and my clients Facebook Ads because I am in AWE every time wonder… “How does she do that?” The only explanation… Emily has a magical touch. Her touch turns your Facebook Ads to pure GOLD. I’ve never seen anything like it before. Especially nowadays where conversion rates...

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Jenna Ward

Coach and Teacher at The Embodied Women

Emily had some really innovative ideas about audience generation which got better results than I could have ever managed myself. We have quickly gotten 20+ leads a day and are still scaling. Our conversation rates are better than I have ever seen before for our lead magnets...

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Angella Johnson

CEO and Soulpreneur at Angella Johnson

The day I hired Emily was one of the best hiring decisions I've made in my business. She gets things done in record time and is always willing to do what it takes to ensure the quality is there, all while being incredibly efficient. I've worked with a variety of virtual support in my business and when Emily says she knows how to do something, she...

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