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Behind The Scenes: The Hirsh Process: Step 4 – Make Money

    18 Sep 2018
  You’ve got your customer journey down, your ads and funnel are working up until this point – and now it’s time for the sales… How can you connect with your audience based on the actions they take after you make your pitch? Today we going to dive into another one of my favorite steps, STEP FOUR: Make Money. Learn how to design your funnel and create ads that will make you money – if you are launching webinars, you definitely don’t want to miss this episode! Key Points: 0:32 How to connect your funnel map and customer journey to your ad campaigns 1:47 Find out how you can make a funnel inside your ads manager 2:08 If you’re about to run a live launch – you’re going to want to run these 7 kinds of sales ads! 4:39 Our client was leaving 10,000% ROI on the table for 8 years because she never ran this type of ad 5:57 SO many entrepreneurs overlook this winning strategy – even though it gives massive ROI with minimum ad spend – don’t be one of them! Subscribe to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast Episode Transcript: Alright, today we’re going to dive into Step Four of The Hirsh Process, which is Make Money. And this is your sales ads. This is maybe my favorite step because it’s so easy to make a lot of money off of it, but yet it’s often overlooked by people and they don’t leverage the crap out of those leads that they just paid a lot of money […]

Behind The Scenes: The Hirsh Process: Step 3 – Lead Generation

    13 Sep 2018
In today’s episode, we are going to discuss STEP THREE of The Hirsh Process: Lead Generation. Find out how our process for creating a lead generation strategy is different from anything else out there and how to leverage valuable content like webinars, quizzes, challenges, etc. to set yourself up for more conversion, more influence and more impact. Key Points: 1:48 This is where The Hirsh Process really begins to work for our clients and where you can get smart with your ad budget 2:50 The Dirty Little Secret behind most Million Dollar webinar campaigns – and why you aren’t getting that kind of ROI (no it’s not because your ad budget is too small) 3:43 One of my favorite tactics to lower your cost per lead (hint: starts with the letter ‘L’) 5:45 Industry cost-per-lead standards to keep in mind if you don’t have your own benchmarks yet 7:41 Where should the bulk of your ad spend budget be going? 8:35 The 3 questions you need to be asking as you re-assess your lead generation strategy Subscribe to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast Episode Transcript: All right. In this episode, we are going to dive into Step Three, or phase three, of The Hirsh Process, which is lead generation. This is, honestly, what most people start with when they start Facebook ads. This is very targeted towards somebody who’s selling a digital product or a service, so keep that in mind if you have products or you’re in eCommerce or a service-based business. But this is still relevant to everyone. […]

Behind The Scenes: The Hirsh Process: Step 2- Visibility

    09 Sep 2018
Everybody likes to talk about value, content and focusing on connections…very few people actually systematically apply it to their marketing. In today’s show, I introduce you to one of my favorite steps of The Hirsh Process, STEP TWO: Visibility. Learn how to go from thinking about doing Facebook lives to a fully integrated and implemented visibility strategy that skyrockets the results of your ad campaigns. Key Points: 1:46 How much money should you really invest in visibility? 2:50 Why video equals more conversions and sales! 3:27 What is Marie Forleo doing that you should be doing? 5:09 If you’re skipping this step you’re missing out on the engine behind every hugely successful online brand 6:31 This is the beginning of The Hirsh Process magic for every single one of our clients Subscribe to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast Episode Transcript: [00:00:30] So today we’re going to talk about Step Two, which is Visibility and that means value, content and focusing on connection. And that’s one thing that in our agency and with our clients, we are huge on. Because we’re not just launching a marketing campaign, or putting content out there to get emails and sales. Of course we’re doing that, but we’re also building a brand. And we are building a brand and building a following is the long game. And that’s what The Hirsh Process really focuses on, because that’s the only people that we work with, is people who are building real businesses and are in it for the long haul, in it for the long game, […]

Behind The Scenes: The Hirsh Process: Step 1 – Strategize

    08 Sep 2018
People are attracted to people and emotions, so in this episode, we cover the FIRST step of The Hirsh Process, Strategize, and what this step has to do with your emotional connection with your audience. Learn how to set yourself up for success and identify what most businesses completely miss from the first moment they decide to run ads. Key Points: 1:25 The first question you need to answer from the moment you decide to run ads 3:06 Your landing page doesn’t even matter if you don’t get this right! 5:25 The common-sense question that you might gloss over but that can doom your marketing efforts even before you start 5:43 The 3 questions you MUST answer to set yourself up for success and massive ROI with your marketing efforts 7:37 The truth about WHY it’s so easy to get disappointed and ripped off by the people and agencies we pay to run ads for us 9:26 Funnel mapping 101 – how to lay out your funnel to see real success and ROI Subscribe to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast Episode Transcript: Episode Transcript: In today’s episode we are going to go over Step One of The Hirsh Process. Step one of The Hirsh Process is Strategize. This is what every single person, regardless if you’re targeting business to business, or business to consumer, or what your funnel is, or how big of ad spend you have, or how big of a business you have, or how many students you have, all of those things don’t matter. Every single person […]

Behind The Scenes: The Hirsh Process

    08 Sep 2018
In today’s episode I am going to introduce you guys to the Hirsh Process. Over the next six episodes total we are going to go into very much depth of this five step process. I’m going to do an episode for each process, but today I’m going to give you a bird’s eye view of that process and help you understand why it exists and the massive problems with marketing that are out there today, both from the entrepreneur and from other marketing agencies and ads managers who are running ads. Subscribe to the Hirsh Marketing Underground Podcast Episode Transcript: [00:00:30] Before I dive into that, I just want to give you guys some fun background for a second on why this was created, why I created this process. Because I know most likely, you’re an entrepreneur if you’re listening to this. I’m sure delegation is a massive pain point for you. About eight months ago, I was working with my amazing coach Alex Charfen, who I sat down on a consulting day with him and I was like, “You know, I really don’t think I can teach what I do intuitively with clients to my team members. [00:01:00] I always think I have to be involved with the strategy, with our clients in this agency.” He was very real with me and said, “You know what? What you do is amazing and it’s unique and it’s special and you get amazing results, but it’s not so special that you can’t train it. Because if that was true, some of […]


    07 Sep 2018
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