Meet Emily – Emily Hirsh
I know, that's some serious tough-love, but they say acceptance is the first step,

As entrepreneurs we feel like we need to be superheroes; running around putting out fires, taking insurmountable risks, and saving the day time and time again.
We feel like we have to and NEED to do it all, but all superheroes have limits to their powers.

  • Totally overwhelmed! There's way too much on your plate, and you can't even fathom taking on more.
  • Like you spend way too much time running your biz instead of on why you started your biz in the first place.
  • Sick of worrying about every little thing. It used to be manageable, but now there's just too much even for your extensive network of spreadsheets and to-do lists!
  • Like it’s impossible to know everything you need to know. If you spend one more hour researching marketing or analytics, you'll puke.
  • Ready to take your biz to the next level but terrified you don’t have the time, energy, or know-how to make it happen. You just feel stuck and frustrated.

Am I describing your kryptonite?

The truth is NO entrepreneur can do it all.
If you're DIYing every single part of your business, you're not going to grow. #truth The
reach of your business starts and stops with YOU.
That’s why doing it ALL on your own doesn't work. Period. Without the support you need, you simply can’t reach the next level of income or create the impact you desire.

If you want to grow your business (without losing your marbles) you need systems, you need a strategy; you need a TEAM of professionals who get results time and time again.

And this, my friend, is why I’m here to help.

leading Facebook Ad Manager and Sales Funnel Strategist
I work with entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate revenue and leads using proven sales funnels and Facebook Ad strategies.
I’ve built a team of expert strategists, copywriters, graphic designers, and marketers to help remove your overwhelm and allow you to step into your zone of power, all day long.

We’ve built a streamlined approach to make your marketing strategy simple, effective, and best of all OFF YOUR PLATE.

But I’m getting ahead of myself...
How did I come to build my online strategy and marketing empire?
Well, five years ago I met my incredible husband, a master kettlebell trainer, and my personal trainer at the gym who I basically stalked until he liked me. We fell in love and together started an online fitness business. By default, he was the content creator, and I was everything else. I managed the social media, the customer service, landing pages, graphics, outreach, sales funnels, and marketing. (Like I said, everything.)

I soon discovered business management is my power zone and we quickly grew our fellowship to thousands (and it’s still growing today!)

Through pure grit, I unintentionally became an expert on all things business management, systems, and online marketing strategy. I slowly started taking on more clients, helping them grow their business, stay organized, and feel less stress + overwhelm.

I've built a team of professionals who work with a steady flow of clients to launch million dollar campaigns and skyrocket businesses to that next level of impact and income!

Because I’m an entrepreneur myself, I feel your drive and energy in your business, I am right there with you, and I know exactly what you need. I understand how it feels to be overwhelmed, lost, confused, and spread WAY, WAY, WAY too thin.

I truly believe that the right team is the difference between success and failure. Those who constantly stay in their zone of genius and outsource the rest will see the results they are looking for Every. Single. Time.

Are you ready to stay in your zone of genius and let us handle the rest?

I want to know everything about
you and your biz!

Now, here’s a few fun facts about me!

I have always lived by the motto: Do What Makes You Happy. If you wake up and are not happy in your business, make a! I have also never had a soda in my life because I really hate bubbles. I am absolutely terrified of scary movies and will never watch one no matter how much my husband begs. And I’m extremely competitive and rarely make it through a board game with my fam.

Are you ready to make a HUGE impact, expand your online empire, and finally make the money you know you deserve?

Ingrid Arna

Founder of CEO Diva Business School

We have a very fast moving coaching and marketing business that has grown tremendously over the past six months. I needed to find someone who could support our rapid growth with professionalism and speed. Thankfully, we found Emily! She’s proactive, focused, strategic, fast, kind, clever and drama free! There are many ....

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Jenna Ward

Coach and Teacher at The Embodied Women

Emily had some really innovative ideas about audience generation which got better results than I could have ever managed myself. We have quickly gotten 20+ leads a day and are still scaling. Our conversation rates are better than I have ever seen before for our lead magnets...

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Angella Johnson

CEO and Soulpreneur at Angella Johnson

The day I hired Emily was one of the best hiring decisions I've made in my business. She gets things done in record time and is always willing to do what it takes to ensure the quality is there, all while being incredibly efficient. I've worked with a variety of virtual support in my business and when Emily says she knows how to do something, she...

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