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I'm Emily Hirsh and I work with entrepreneurs who are overwhelmed and need help delegating and stepping into their power zone.

Five years ago I met my incredible husband, a master and expert kettlebell trainer, fell in love, and together we started an online fitness business. By default, he was the content creator and I was everything else. I managed the social media, the customer service, the landing pages, the graphics, the outreach, the sales funnels, and the marketing. Business management is my power zone and that is exactly what I did.

We grew our follow-ship to thousands, and it is still growing today. Over time, I was unintentionally creating a solid foundation for myself as a virtual assistant and online business manager. I slowly started taking on more clients, helping them grow their business, stay organized, and feel less stress + overwhelm.

Fast forward to today: I've worked with dozens of entrepreneurs, helping them with anything and everything in the virtual world. My clients include individual start-ups, health and fitness coaches, therapists, public speakers, and business service providers. I attribute my success in working with entrepreneurs to the fact that I am one myself.

I feel your drive and energy in your business and I am right there with you. Each and every step of the way I will be there supporting you, rooting for you, and planning with you. My absolute favorite part of my job is seeing a business go from 0 to 100. And I know how to get you there because I’ve been there myself.

When I’m not checking off other people’s to-do lists I am a busy mom and wife who enjoys being anywhere outdoors, kettlebell training, and traveling to new places.

  • I used to plan out my day, hour by hour, in a special [secret] diary when i was ten years old.
  • I have never had a soda in my life. Not for health reasons, but because I don't like the bubbles.
  • I am terrified of scary movies and will never watch one no matter how much my husband begs.
  • I am a die hard San Francisco Giants fan.
  • When I grow up I am going to write a book and travel the world.
  • My husband does all the cooking. I may be a work from home mom, but I am terrible in the kitchen.
  • I get serious pleasure out of completely reorganizing a closet/desk/room. If i had all the money in the world, I would hoard new, pretty calender's and planners.
  • I am extremely competitive and rarely make it through a board game with my husband.
  • I am living proof that when you want something, you can make it happen.
  • I have always lived by the motto: Do What Makes You Happy. If you wake up and are not happy in your business, make a!

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    Nine years ago I was washing my parents’ cars for $20 and passing out flyers to babysit in my neighborhood.

    Six years ago I started my first official business in an elderly community in my hometown where I helped with anything and everything my clients needed: cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work…


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