Mapping Call – Emily Hirsh
You're gearing up for a launch or promotion, and you want this one to be HUGE! ALL the subscribers, sales, and profits you know this puppy can attract.

You've got your branding on lock, your offerings ready to go, your website all neat and pretty, it's time to move on with the show! There's only one thing missing...
A sales funnel strategy.
Kind of a BIG deal if you’re expecting BIG success.
But the idea of sitting down and figuring out your strategy is WAY too overwhelming

  • You've done funnels in the past, but they felt like a big waste of time because you didn’t see the ROI you had hoped for.
  • This is your first launch, and you barely know what a funnel IS let alone how to effectively create one for your biz.
  • You've done TONS of research, and you're even more confused than when you started.
  • There’s already too much on your plate to sit down and think out a strategy (let alone take a shower...)
  • You’re terrified you'll screw it up, not see the ROI you want, and waste your precious (understatement) time.

While you can just dive in and start posting Facebook ads or churning out funnels, the reality is, if you don’t have every step planned out, you’re not going to see that positive ROI you desperately want.

During this 60-minute recorded phone call,
We'll completely map out your funnel(s) or launch! Yep, all the way from subject line to mega profits!
Before our call, you will answer specific questions that will help me craft a plan that we will then finalize during our call!

Using my proven, strategic methods we’ll go through every step of your customer journey and create a funnel with a killer ROI! (I’m all about hard data, numbers, and achievable goals!)

After the call,

I'll deliver your fully mapped out funnel or launch plan with our call recording.

Then, you’ll have unlimited email support for 30 days while you start implementation!

What’s included again?

  • 1 deep-dive questionnaire to help me get a sense of your offering, your brand, and your goals so I can build a draft of your strategy.
  • 1 60-min strategy sesh where we'll finalize the strategy, and I'll help show you how to best implement the plan.
  • Recording of our call PLUS a written version of your final strategic plan. This will give you a reference as you venture into the implementation phase and allow you to hop back into our co-created magic at any time!
  • 1 30-min follow-up call that we can take at any point throughout the process to tweak the plan as needed and maximize your results.
  • Unlimited email support for 45 days after our initial call so you can ask any questions or solicit feedback on your launch execution.
  • Peace of mind that your strategy is strong and your goals are achievable! #hellyes

Ready to take your strategy (and biz) to the next level?