FB Ads – Emily Hirsh
What if you could check “Attract TONS of hot leads that convert into high paying customers on the daily” off your list?

You're joking, right? NOPE! That’s exactly what you’ll do when you have a team of Facebook Ad campaign experts handling your Facebook ads!

My team will build a dynamic Facebook Ad campaign that converts and delivers hot leads every day with our proven, streamlined strategy.
We will create beautiful copy and images, perform extensive market research on your audience, and then target multiple audiences to run your ads.

The KEY to building a successful ad campaign is having a targeted strategy that's proven and works. From warm audiences, lookalike audiences, and cold audiences if you’re not strategizing -- you’re flushing money and time down the toilet. And nobody wants that.

You don't need to spend hours on research or sleepless nights worried about your ROI. Hand the work off to a team who has years of experience and who are known in the industry for REMARKABLE conversions.

Who is this for?

Our retainers are perfect for established businesses ready to make more money and GROW. We work with entrepreneurs, authors, service providers, product-based businesses, and a very select group of MLMs.

We are thrilled to support businesses owners who are ready to get this off of their plate and take their marketing to the next level.

Do you have other packages available?

Yup! We offer special packages for clients with multiple campaigns and/or ad spends of over $5k/mo.

Grab a call with our team here to learn more!

A campaign is a series of FB ads dedicated to converting the audience to one goal, like directing them to a landing page or attending a webinar. Within that campaign, we test multiple audiences, images, and versions of copy to get the best converting ad possible.

Included in each campaign:

  • The complete strategy initially mapped out after discussing your end goals and budget.
  • Ad image(s) created by our graphic design professional, skilled at making eye-catching, irresistible images.
  • Ad copy written by an industry leading wordsmiths who is a master at capturing your voice in a way that SELLS.
  • Necessary pixel placement to help measure the effectiveness of your ads and adjust as needed.
  • Daily management and tweaking of the ads as we receive data from their performance.
  • A weekly tracking sheet and report so you can easily see and understand your analytics without having to dig in the ads manager.
grab a call time with my team to
discuss the package that’s right for you!