Emily TV – Emily Hirsh

Ep. 12: Your One Thing Vs. A Jack Of All Trades

Episode - 12
    22 May 2018
Emily talks about knowing when and how to specialize and niche down your services. She will answer the questions: Do you have to niche down immediately? And how do you know when and how to start? You’ve probably heard people say, “Find your Ideal Client first,” but I’m here to offer a different perspective. Watch the episode, and then join the conversation right here!

Ep. 11: The Power of Delegation both in the house and in your business

Episode - 11
    15 May 2018
Emily explains why the Art of Delegation is the key to growing your business. She talks about how and why it’s important, plus how to get started, even if you don’t think you’re ready!

Ep. 10: The negative Effects Of Treating Your Business Like A Hobby

Episode - 10
    08 May 2018
Emily talks about why it’s not a good idea to run your business like a hobby (and what to do if this sounds like you).

An In Depth Look At My Morning Routine

Episode - 09
    01 May 2018
Emily maps out her morning routine in detail, with tips for how and why you might do the same to set yourself up for daily success.

Ep 8: How I signed A list clients With $0 In Marketing

Episode - 08
    24 Apr 2018
Today I’m sharing how I’ve been able to sign A List clients like Marie Forleo and Mel Robbins. The truth is: It didn’t happen immediately. It’s taken more than two years to sign these high level clients in my business and I will share with you the secret sauce to building up the reputation I have now.

Ep 7: My Top 5 strategies to maximize your time every day

Episode - 07
    17 Apr 2018
Emily is sharing her top 5 Strategies to help you maximize your time as an entrepreneur.

Ep 6: The #1 Essential Piece To Include In All Your Marketing

Episode - 06
    10 Apr 2018
Emily talks about how to connect with your ideal customer by using storytelling as part of your marketing strategy.

Ep 5: Inside Look At The Emily Hirsh INC Team

Episode - 05
    03 Apr 2018
Emily explains how she structures her highly successful virtual team. She offers six steps you can take to scale your own business and team!

Ep 4: My #1 strategy for finding clients and building my brand

Episode - 04
    27 Mar 2018
Do you know the best strategies for finding new clients and building your brand? In Episode 4, Emily dives deep on how to find new clients and build your brand! This episode is for you if you are new to business and still trying to find your ideal client online! Tag a new business owner who would benefit!

Ep 3: To hustle or not to hustle?

Episode - 03
    20 Mar 2018
Episode 3 has arrived! Are you a hustler? This episode is for you! Emily talks all about the taboo entpreneurial topic of HUSTLING! Here what she has to say! Comment below what your take on ‘hustling’ is.

Ep 2: The 3 things I changed after giving birth that 4X’d my business revenue

Episode - 02
    13 Mar 2018
The 2nd episode of Emily TV is here and it is a good one! Are you ready to find out the 3 things I changed after giving birth that 4x’ed my business revenue! Let me know what you think! Drop it in the comments and SHARE this video with all your biz friends!

Ep 1: A Day In The Life Of Emily

Episode - 01
    05 Mar 2018
Join Emily Hirsh as she gives you a sneak peek view into a day of her life as a busy mom & business owner. In this episode Emily explains how systems and routine help her balance time for work, family, and adventure.