Done for you – Emily Hirsh


What would you rather be doing than thinking about finding more clients?
A) Working deeply with your current clients?
B) Dreaming up new products and services that will make your peeps swoon?
C) Sunbathing on a remote beach with a fruity cocktail?
D) Getting a root canal?
E) All of the above.

I know, many of you probably picked E (root canal included)

because designing a strategy to create an epic, hot-lead creating funnel is the LAST way you want to spend your few precious hours of free time.

But on the other hand, if you want to grow your business and draw in millions in sales it’s vital to have an effective sales funnel in place.

Don't worry; you can get back to that beachside drink because from subject line to super high conversion rates we got you (more than) covered.

Together we have a 60-min strategy call

where you tell me about your business and products, and I help create a streamlined, powerful strategy to unleash your funnel onto the world! We then decide which of the following pieces you'll need for successful funnel goodness and if you'd like my team's help crafting your copy + creative.

After our call, I’ll draft up your plan, deliver a quote, and you’ll be free to hand you funnel off to the pros and head to the beach. (Or handle the million other things on your list.)

Ready to have your
Upsell, Tripwire, Sales page, and Emails written,
designed and developed

Custom Funnel Building includes custom pricing based on your needs.