Client Love – Emily Hirsh
Here's what some of our biggest clients had to say ...
Emily and her team are on the cutting edge of what’s working (and not working) in Facebook advertising. They’re strategic, reliable, and will go the extra mile to get the best results. We love working with them. 

-Tana, VP of Business Operations, Marie Forleo International
Women's Law of Attraction Life Coach
I started at zero. Nobody knew who I was. We started working together and in the six months that we've been working together, I have over 7,000 subscribers now - a massive community and not just a massive community because numbers are great. But what really matters is the quality, it is a highly engaged community that I get to interact, that I get to talk with. And an actual business that supports me and my family, it's not just a hobby, it's an actual business.

I can't even praise you and your company and your business enough because you haven't just given me a business, you haven't just given me an income. But you've helped me fulfill my calling, my purpose and given me a community to teach and help and guide. And for that, I will forever be grateful.
Without you, Emily, I couldn't teach other people. I couldn't turn the traumas that I went through for good. The only reason I've been able to help these women, is because of you and your team.

This Naked Mind, Online Coaching Program
Our launch was incredible. I don't even know how you work so fast and so effectively. When we started working together, I hoped to put 50 people in this initial launch of this program. And with Emily’s help, we put 353 people in the program - Over $316,000 in revenue. 

You’ve taken the most stressful part of my business last year and turned it into the least stressful part of my business. Your team just handles everything and I feel like I am always in really good hands. 

Pre-K Pages
Community Support & Education for Pre-School, Pre-K and Kindergarten Teachers

When we started working together we were at 700, 800 members in our program. Between all of our campaigns since working together we are now at 2,700 members. The best part is it’s been pretty effortless on my part, I really feel comfortable that you all are looking out for me and my best interests. 
With The Kings
Online Course Creator for Entrepreneurs
We've had incredible success working with Emily’ team. One month we spent $7,000 in Facebook Ads and we were able to generate $64,000 in sales, just from the $7,000 in ads. 
We are getting $1.77 cost per lead and amazing ROI. We had another month recently where we spent $9,400 and made, where is it, $70,843. 

GSD Mode
Online coaching consulting company for Real Estate Agents

I mean, out of the gate, I think in our first 4-6 weeks of working together, which is our first launch, you guys were able to get us better results than I've been able to get the 4 years I've been doing this. It's now saving me money, it's saving me time and is allowing us to scale where we want to scale. Overall, just couldn't be more stoked, couldn't be happier.
Intuitive Healer and Coach
Emily and I clicked from the start. She took my strategy and elevated it, then executed a fabulous ad campaign. Emily and her team were always very professional, kind, and easy to work with. I was getting $0.52 per lead and more than doubled my email list in a month. I always highly recommend working with pros if you want to elevate your business and Emily is one of the best!

Founder of Your Virtual Upline

One morning I woke up and there was over $1,000 worth of money in my account. My first thought is, "Why did I wait so long to do this?" And I mean, we crushed it. I don't remember exactly what it was, but it was literally like I couldn't put money in fast enough. I'd put a dollar in, I'd get two dollars out. We 10X-ed it!

Zimmerman Events

You just know what you were talking about, right off the bat. And the most impressive part about what you do. I gave $100,000 in Facebook ads, and I got $400,000 back. Our first launch together, for every $10 I gave you, you gave me $100 back. And that right there, that's life changing.

Champion for Visionaries and Creatives

“We had almost 8,000 people registered for the boot camp, and about 6, 830 people in our boot camp Facebook group, which I highly attribute to the ads. We’ve never had that hight of an attendance in the Facebook group. Overall, for our launch numbers, we grew our sales by 20%, which is awesome."

Credit Repair Cloud, B2B Tech & SaaS
I think when we were evaluating we looked at a variety of agencies. But what made us determine to go with you, Emily, was that a lot of the other agencies a lot of people had split focuses with their businesses. And what was really attractive about your agency was, and why we ended up going with you, was that your sole focus is Facebook ads, and your core focus is that. And we just love that we get to work with you and you're so dedicated to your clients.

My favorite part is that it's kind of hands off approach. We get to hand you guys a funnel, we get to hand you guys a little bit of direction from what we're thinking, and then you guys are all hands on and do it all from point A to point Z. 

So not only were you phenomenal with helping us with that funnel, that one webinar funnel. But that one webinar funnel did magical things, it doubled the growth of our business and it enabled us to get this.

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