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Emily Hirsh is a leading Facebook ad manager, sales funnel strategist and the boss mama of a million dollar online empire. Emily and her team of experts work with entrepreneurs to grow their business and generate revenue and leads using cutting edge marketing strategies and killer creative.
Whether it’s kick-starting list growth or managing 7-figure launches -- she’s there with the strategies that SELL.

Emily loves sharing her secrets with entrepreneurs, corporate CEO's, solopreneurs, aspiring freelancers --- ANYONE looking to build, grow, start, expand, and take over the world with their business. (While creating a life of freedom and abundance!)
  • Facebook Ad strategies
    Take your ads from ‘meh’ to ‘amazing’ with ROI that slays!
  • Top tips for growing your business to 7+ figures!
    Emily will show you how she built her business during nap times!
  • How to build, grow, and manage a kick-a$$ team!
    And keep them inspired every day!
  • The latest funnel and marketing strategies.
    Last year’s tools and tricks ain't gonna work! Emily will keep you up to date!
  • Balancing life as a mama and an entrepreneur.
    This ain’t your mama’s work-life balance (it’s sooo much better!)

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