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  • The Truth Is…

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    Nine years ago I was washing my parents’ cars for $20 and passing out flyers to babysit in my neighborhood.

    Six years ago I started my first official business in an elderly community in my hometown where I helped with anything and everything my clients needed: cleaning, grocery shopping, yard work…


    The Death Trap Of Trying To Do It All

    I am the perfect example of somebody who tries to do it all. The word “no” really isn’t in my vocabulary and I am often having to check my workload and commitments in my own business in order to maintain balance in my life.

    If you are reading this and you are an entrepreneur and business owner then you know how overwhelming it is to start and run a business, especially if you are a one person show. (more…)

    Whats The Real Reason You Can’t Stop Staring At Your Phone

    I live and breathe technology. As an online business manager my entire business is centered around checking email, text messages, answering the phone and even being on Facebook. To add to it, I work from home and run my own show so work never leaves me. I don’t leave the office at the end of the day and shut it all off, it’s always there and building up. Managing and balancing it all comes down to pure self control.


    Ditch The Fancy Apps

    I am a perfect example of type A. Calendars, to-do lists and any form of organization brings out this strange excitement in me. If you too get excited by new day planners and schedules then this blog will probably resonate with you. If you’re reading this and already think I am crazy, I am sorry, it gets worse before it gets better.

    The other day I was browsing through one of my Facebook groups and saw a thread about people’s favorite project management and organization apps/programs. Of course, I excitedly read through all the (more…)


    When my husband and I started our online business years ago I wish somebody sat down with us and said “here is what you need to do.” Instead, we dove in and learned along the way. I wouldn’t have had this any other way because it gave me the solid foundation to grow my own business, but I won’t say it didn’t slow us down at times.

    If you are just starting your business (or looking to grow it even more) these five tips may change the way you’re thinking:


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